Grey Silver Look

This house is constructed when the area was prone to logging,it is located at  Westboro,.As the area is urban closer to river Ottawa,house sits on its original site.The current owners bought this propert in 2009,with an intension to expand 800 square foot house with a second storey work but unfortunately it could not be extended as the internal structure was deteriorated to a larger extend,owing to this fact it could not be preserved as  decided.

The location is as desired by the owners so instead of moving to another place they decide to rebuilt it.Original foot print of house was kept while the interior was changed in a private residential space flexible enough to turn out into a home business place.A rural inspiration of metal cladding was kept in mind while designing this house.The industrial material used is recyclable,lightweight and durable.Outer color selection represent the original house along with novel additions.

The second addition of floor is concieved as a pod that floats above the ground,This work in a way that steel columns are present to support it from the ground base,with the southern end tapering at certain angle from the base of house




Outlook Of The House


A Small Playing Area


All Natural Garden


Sitting Lounge


A perfect Architectural Look


Enjoy In The Open Air!





Combined View