The theatrical, extravagant Baroque interior design of the 17th and 18th centuries were inspired by the Italian nobility and the luxurious way of life they enjoyed at the time, using expensive materials and rich, opulent furnishings. The style is making its way back in thanks to the increased interest in Royal affairs this year, and you can achieve the same dramatic look in your bedroom. Here are our tips if you want to bring some baroque chic to your home.

Furniture should be in deep, dark colours, and heavy oak-panelled wardrobes and tables with inlaid gold or silver lining fit the era well. The bed should be the focal point of the whole room; a large headboard and fabrics in deep, warm colours create that look of indulgence and wealth that made Baroque designs famous. Take a look at the antique styles offered by bed specialists Time4Sleep – the Bordeaux French-Style Sleigh Bed is a perfect example of the large, over-stated elegance required to achieve this look.  If you have the space, it is always best to include more furniture rather than less – Baroque style has never been noted for its minimalism! You could include a throne-like chair, preferably with carved or shaped legs for that seriously distinctive look. Chairs with low, wide seats and high backs are also an excellent addition, especially with upholstery in a striking print.

Typical lighting when Baroque first came onto the interior design scene would have been candles and lanterns. Times have moved on since, but you can still give your bedroom the soft, intimate lighting without compromising on your design scheme. Chandeliers, low-hanging if possible to reflect the light onto the room’s lower surfaces, can be installed in a variety of materials from glass and crystal to carved or gilded wood. Reflective light fittings on the walls rekindle the concept of wall-mounted candle sconces, while pictures and mirrors hung facing slightly downwards will reduce glare and make your bedroom feel more close and comfortable.

A Baroque style bedroom is not only on trend; the soft fabrics and warm hues will result in a bedroom that feels plush, cosy and sanctuary-like. If our selection is not enough you can also take a look at some existing bedroom designs for an idea of what you could go for. Even if the rest of your home is set up in a more contemporary style, the heavily-styled furnishings of your bedroom will ensure you feel a world away, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, and relax like royalty.