Smartphones and other modern day gadgets don’t really help their owners to slow down, shift into a lower gear or just to stay focused on a particular subject. It’s known that messaging, tweeting and playing on our mobiles disperse our energies. We tend to lose contact with the physical world around us as we live a rather virtual life. However, noticing the connection with the nature and surrounding fragile environment is key for healthy living. It’s essential that we relax, have a break and a digital downtime every now and then.

Being mindful, living a slower paced life and maintaining the balance between physical and virtual were the main driving ideas behind Biome. This intelligent flora terrarium is Samuel Wilkinson’s beautiful reminder about our universal responsibilities in taking care of plants and other sensitive ecosystems. At the same time, Biome offers an eco-friendly alternative use for iPhones, iPads and other high-tech toys. The smart capsule works a little like those tamagochis from the 90’s. The main difference is that this flora terrarium is alive, as opposed to the funny handheld digital pets. How can one gain control of this futuristic dome and alter its climate, water level and nutrients? The answer is simple: users need to install the right app on their iPads or mobile phones, establish a connection and they are ready to play the god of this mini-universe. Biome comes with low energy lighting that can easily replicate sunlight and also has a number of built-in sensors to provide accurate information on the latest climatic conditions. It’s pretty easy to control it, thus even the least green-fingered persons will be able to make it work and see the plants thriving. The terrarium is able to reproduce various types of environments such as desert, tropical or even herb garden. One can truly challenge himself in extreme weather situations.

All in all, Biome presents some brilliant ideas and examples for finding our smart devices additional and sometimes more tangible functionalities. We’re also convinced that it will encourage gadget owners to consider a slower paced life and help to rediscover a basic truth: nature is the purest and greatest teacher above all. Kids can also benefit a lot from this high-tech dome while they play and learn about nurturing, patience and responsibility…

Source: Samuel Wilkinson