Great ideas come from everyday life, successful designers know this basic truth. Amazing products can be crafted by combining various objects which might not have anything in common at first. The result of such approach is sometimes so fascinating that the next object of desire comes to life.

RITI printer by Jeon Hwan Ju might be the next object of desire. This is truly a dream gadget of coffee and tea lover folks that is based on a completely new concept of ink system. Instead of using traditional ink cartridges the printer only takes our office or home leftovers: coffee grounds or soggy tea bags. What a fabulous idea! To use the RITI printer, first of all, you need to place the coffee or tea dregs into the cartridge and add some water. The next step would be to insert a piece of white paper and move the cartridge from side to side while drawing on the paper. You can forget about electricity, too: the printer only operates with the help of your very own muscle and kinetic power.

So far the Korean designer’s project is on a conceptual level, but we hope to see the printer on the store shelves very soon. Until this moment comes, just be content with those high-tech machines we have all around us. Without the smell of Brazilian coffee beans or Indian earl grey tea, the toner cartridges of Canon, Brother or Epson will do their job as well. And change your perspective for a moment: texts and images printed by these devices would seem like magic for Charles Babbage, the father of the first printer-like machine. We’ve came a long way since the those early days in the 19th century and we have a long way ahead us. We’re sure that in the coming years and decades we’ll see more and more technological wizardry and green printer concepts like the RITI…

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