You’ve investing a lot of time, money and effort into a property that you hoped would be booked out constantly with holiday lets. Unfortunately, however, it hasn’t worked out like that, and you’ve been left with a property that hardly gets any bookings. You can’t understand what it is that’s gone wrong and why your property isn’t popular with tourists. You have the option for selling your property on. However, you want to try and make it work if possible. Otherwise, all the time and effort that you put into it will be wasted.

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To help you give your property’s bookings a boost, we’ve put together some tips and ideas below of ways to make your property more appealing. Implement these, and your bookings should soar.

Add a little luxury

When booking somewhere to go on vacation to, most people look for accommodation that is luxurious. Vacations are about pampering yourself, which is why most people prefer to stay in luxury accommodation when they head away. If your property lacks luxury, take the time to upgrade it and transform it into a more luxurious space.

To do this, focus on the little things. Invest in high thread count sheets, luxury bath towels, modern pots and pans, faux fur rugs, scented candles. Aim to create a luxury hotel-like feel in your property. If the walls aren’t decorated in neutrals, consider having them re-painted. Ensure that your property is clear of clutter and that it’s a wonderfully minimalist space – make sure that the photos used to advertise it reflect this.

Offer maid service

As part of the cost of their stay, offer your clients complimentary maid service. Before they arrive, use a professional cleaning service like the one that Atkins Inc offers, and have the place cleaned from top to bottom. Then, during their stay, offer daily maid service, to ensure that the property stays looking nice for the duration of their stay.

To make your property more appealing, as well as offering maid service, offer towel and bedding replacement every two to three days. To make this affordable, increase the price of your accommodation slightly, that way you won’t be left out of pocket for the extra washing or the delivery of fresh towels and bedding.

Make the space more unique

When it comes to making sure that your investment property always has bookings, it’s important to ensure that it’s a unique space. If you want your property to stand out, the more unique it is, the better. Find simple ways to make your property more interesting and unique.

If you’re unsure of the best ways to do that, consider hiring an interior designer to help you create a space that’s more unique, and thus, more appealing. This will cost you, but if it makes your property more appealing to tourists and aids your success, then it’s something that’s worth investing in.

Take note of the tips above and implement them, and you should be able to give your investment property’s bookings a boost.