Books have so much to offer us, dreams to escape to and stories to fall in love with. Now you can cherish you favorite books on your shelf with these incredibly beautiful, creative bookends. We hope these are made from a heavy metal and not plastic, as they appear to be quite thin they may not have the weight to withstand many books… Although they’re more for humor/creative finesse than practicality.

Such unique humorous designs will have any creative onlooker speechless as they glaze at these incredible pieces of art and design. We’re not sure who came up with the idea, but if it was you, we take our hats of to you.

beaver tree falling bookend

canon firing person bookend

couples romance love bookend

dinosaur and running people bookend

dragon and knoght bookend

eating plant bookend

giraffe bookend

golf and hole bookend

headless knight bookend

lion chasing antelope bookend

monkey and trees bookend

pig bookend

sausage dog bookend

sea creature bookend with ship

sea monster and ship bookend

soccer bookend

viking ship bookend