Many of us make a lot of efforts to collect unique home accessories. Without these essentials, life would be rather gray and monotonous. Vivid colors combined with unique product design may bring us the required dose of instant energy after a long and hectic day.  Among all the furniture pieces and deco items we use, lamps and lightning systems are extremely important as they can greatly affect our moods. We play with lights and shades according to our current moods and emotional state. Today we invite you to play again, even if it’s only an imaginary one. Cheerful individuals and colorful souls will definitely fall in love with the creations of Studio Erik Stehmann.

Inflating Light comes in single and double versions and are like rainbows on a summer sky. Regardless of the color option you pick – be it white, blue, green, orange, yellow, red or purple – the visual experience is truly enchanting. Yet this is not everything. These Nylon lamps have much more to offer than a pretty design or a funky color: when switched on they really come to life and transform their shapes. This design twist is achieved by the built-in, silent fan that inflates the lamp. If this is still not enough and you need an even more custom model, you can add a timer to the product. This add-on will create
an impressive light show while putting a smile on your face.

Having Inflating Light in your home the nightfall will become the new highlight of your day. Are you ready? Life and fun begins at darkness…

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