All over the world, crafts and craftsmanship is dying out in the wake of the industrial revolution. Japan is one country with a plethora of crafts, and designers like Elena Galli Giallini are trying hard to keep them alive. One of the most beautiful of the Japanese crafts is urushi, traditional Japanese lacquer, and Galli Giallini uses it to perfection in her new collection of furniture called Deinde for the Japanese furniture company, Morishige.

Born in Rhodesia (Zambia), this Italian designer has lived all over the world before settling in Japan in 1995. Her diverse and multidisciplinary background is undoubtedly one of the major strengths in her design. Deinde, a Latin word meaning “next” or “from now on”, melds superb craftsmanship with a restrained modern aesthetic to create new design classics. As the word implies, Deinde is a new view for the future, while still retaining what is important from the past. Urushi is combined with natural oak finishes and metal to create pieces, which are exercises in proportion and geometry. While the range includes sofa and coffee tables, we are particularly taken by the cabinets. Beautiful urushi sits comfortably with the oak finishes in a restrained manner so quintessentially Japanese. Tops and doors open to reveal more Urushi surprises on the interior. The linear proportions of the pieces make them pleasant on the eye and draw attention to their delicate beauty.

The simplicity and luxury of the Deinde collection will allow for a lifetime of enjoyment and is sure to stand the test of time.