Industrial buildings demonstrate a lot of flexibility and versatility. These buildings can be easily repurposed and reconfigured to provide contemporary living spaces. Today we travel to Central Eastern Europe and visit a striking loft and penthouse in Budapest that used to be a part of a big industrial warehouse.  This huge living space was redecorated by IVANKA, a young and talented Hungarian design company.

One can find many enormous and impressive buildings along the river Danube. All these places talk about the rich history of this once glorious capital. No wonder that the latest and most interesting architecture projects are centred around the river banks as well. Riverloft is a  massive conversion project whereas a 1914 industrial building was turned into a number of inspiring living spaces. Beside the amazing visual experience of the river views, the building features a fabulous mélange of old details and bold contemporary architectural solutions, too. The largest penthouse and loft that we take a look at today required imaginative and cutting-edge creations in order to highlight its beauty. IVANKA studio took up the challenge and did a great job: the loft became literally a showroom of their product collections and bright interior ideas.  The design studio brought tailor-made concrete fireplace, chic stairs, window sills and window frames, concrete counter and cool kitchen island to the apartment. Other interesting design ideas are the Concrete Sound audiophile speakers,  the Propeller table,  the Applied Literature table and the FLASTER tiles.

The two talented interior and product designers, Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka deserve our praise and applause. They are the catalysts of IVANKA Studio and Concrete Factory that is a Budapest-based company founded in 2003. Their works and projects are based on the versatile nature of concrete. Concrete is their main material chosen for creative expression through discovering unexplored attributes. The Ivankas are dreamers and doers living in the fabulous city of Budapest in the middle of Central Europe, where the 20-year old fragile democracy is now facing a most serious paradigm shift. Through their creations with concrete, their affinity for the material and a constant search for new technological solutions, their work speaks volumes about their country of origin, and also about their approach to design.