Apple lovers know that the accessories that enhance the user experience of their gadgets really make a big difference. There are tons of designers and companies out there that are keep coming up with the craziest ideas to fuel these Apple desires.

Today we are going to present another designer masterpiece from the Apple gadgets palette. New York based designer, Matt Richmond fused two technologies from two different centuries into something really cool and created a portable iPad speaker. Named as iVictrola, this unique design piece is made of an antique Magnavox horn that dates from the 1920’s and a hand-carved American walnut docking base.

Matt Richmond poured all his creativity into the visual design, appearance and product functionality. Believe it or not, iVictorla is able to produce crystal-clear, good-quality sounds and does not require electric or battery power at all.

If you can get hold of one of these unique items (unfortunately the speakers were created in limited batches only), you can be sure that your horn is an authentic vintage piece. Your friends and family will be impressed by your sophisticated style for sure. Even your grandparents will like the iVictrola and will drop you a smile…