The Jaguar MK2 is one of the most recognizable vehicles originating from the 1960s and is a highly prized vehicle for auto collectors around the globe as it is the epitome of classic style and luxury.

The 3.8L saloon model has been inspiration for many Jaguar designs throughout the decades since the creation of this vehicle. This model is popular with collectors and is available in a variety of versions that have been completely rebuilt to their original glory.

The Jaguar MK2 can reach 60 mph in 8.5 seconds – which is impressive – even the standard of the vehicles that are available in today’s market. With the high speeds available, agility can be easily seen through the driving experience of the Jaguar.

This Jaguar model, the MK2 can be seen in many films and television show and has therefore become widely recognizable as sheer luxury.

Jaguar MK2

Jaguar MK2

mk2 jaguar