Although they are becoming less and less common in the modern bathroom, a bathtub can be one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon or night. Especially after a hard day at work a bath can be a much better feeling than taking a shower. The problem is that a bath obviously takes a lot longer than a shower, so when trying to get clean before work you often don’t have enough time to enjoy a bath and must settle for a shower instead. Most people’s bathrooms don’t have enough room in them however to hold both a bathtub as well as an enclosed shower. So what is a person to do that wants to enjoy the best of both worlds? They could always check out the product that we are going to be previewing today, this is the new Jena Bathtub.

This particular bathtub just happens to be the winner of the Red Dot Award and is truly one of a kind. It is the first bathtub that we have ever seen that also includes a shower which will do wonders to help you save space in your bathroom. This results in a totally luxurious and super multipurpose place for you to get clean in. So whatever it is that you are in the mood for, a bath or a shower, you can do both with the Jena Bathtub, and you can even change your mind halfway through one and decide to go for the other instead.