Situated off the shore of Normandy, France, on the island of Jersey, lies a home designed by Hudson Architects, that overlooks St Ouen’s Bay.

According to the architect, the house replaces a drab bungalow on the clifftop site – a scenic area protected by very strict planning conditions. From the outset, Hudson Architects were determined to replace the existing house with a superior contemporary scheme that would fully do justice to its setting.

The site sits on a level with broad perspectives out to ocean. Despite its elevated position, there are few long distance views of the site, which is approached by a typical high bounded Jersey lane. In determining the form of the house, Hudson Architects intended that it should not dominate its surroundings but sit comfortably within them.

By excavating a lower ground level, the profile of the 470 sq.m house remains relatively discrete, and initially presents a modest profile for visitors arriving at the end of the track. The low pitch roofs of the house also form a gentle yet contemporary profile against the horizon. It is only when one moves around the site that the real drama of the building is revealed.


The house replaces a drab bungalow on the clifftop site.


Kitchen and dining area


The courtyard connects the inside and outside spaces


the stone hallway


Bath area