More or more companies experiment with green design solutions and create furniture pieces for urban eco warriors. As showcased in our previous articles, German designers are blessed with abundant creative powers when it comes to eco design.

Our today’s pick is another brilliant idea and fashion accessory from this domain that targets those young people who are proud of their sophisticated style and beautiful bicycle. This design piece was born in Berlin in the workshop of MIKILI. The young company is specialized in the manufacturing and design of unique bicycle racks and furniture.

KAPPÔ comes in a few amazing options and high-quality materials. Just a simple look of these objects and you will be enchanted by their beauty as well. In addition to being pretty, these furniture accessories provide plenty of storage space for all kinds of everyday items. With our without a bicycle frame the visual experience speaks for itself. The recessed protective felt overlay holds any bicycle securely in place without scratching it. According to the company installation of this hanging shelf is a piece of cake. KAPPÔ is available in three options: white, oak and walnut. Prices vary based on the model but we have to say that all of them are quite affordable fur such a creation: expect to pay €249 to €395. These home accessories are great to give your bicycle another functionality and bring some style to your flat.

Some information about the company:
Established in 2012, MIKILI stands for high-quality bicycle racks and furniture, 100% made in Berlin. Their products are not just plain old bicycle racks. They are built to meet the exacting quality standards of the urban cyclist. Away from the mainstream and the garage. The use of high-quality materials, local production in a social workshop, and attention to detail set our products apart and make them unique.

The team believes that the bicycle is no longer just a means of transportation, but a lifestyle and fashion accessory. Whether single speed, retro race bike, or custom made, the bicycle is a status symbol, an expression of personality, and a social statement. Due to a lack of space, the fear of theft, and simply for the love of their bikes, more people than ever are taking their bikes with them into their home or office. No one wants to leave their prized possession unattended. But leaning it against the wall would be too easy.

MIKILI was established by Leopold Brötzmann and Sebastian Backhaus. The team in Berlin also includes Jan Tiemann, Nicolai Hertle, Jan Tackmann, Stefan Bönisch, and Anna Rehe.