Indianapolis audio veterans Klipsch used to be known for superior loudspeakers, and they still are. The company’s product line, however, has diversified to include speakers, accessories, and headphones for iPods and portable audio components. Two of their latest headphone designs, in fact, offer superior quality selections for different price ranges.

The Image X-10 Headphones are a state-of-the-art model designed for discriminating tastes that demand high quality, lightweight design and excellent sound quality. This set weighs just 10 grams, and features an impressive frequency response range between 5 Hz and 19 kHz. Finished in anodized copper with tapered cable “tails” and five different ear tip sets, their comfort and durability is ensured for long listening and use.

Their $349 price point is justified as money well spent, since these are high-quality headphones that should last for years. Accessories include a faux leather carrying case and separate pouch, ¼-inch and airplane adapter plugs, and an ear tip cleaning tool.

At the other end of the spectrum is the economy-minded Image S4 which is a CNET Editors’ Choice this month for its outstanding value and high-quality sound. Although the feature list is smaller and the quality of cables and ear tips not as durable, the $79 earphones are among the best values for the highly-competitive market under $100.

Image X-10 Headphones