Electric cars are all the rage, as the hottest manufacturers scramble for the latest concepts in the hopes of bringing the best to production in due course. That’s what the engineers at Swedish automaker Koenigsegg have been doing lately, not happy to rest on the laurels of creating the CCX and CCR series, some of the sexiest (and most expensive) super cars ever built.

In this case, the company’s commitment to green engineering is taking shape in partnering with NLV Solar AG, who has made great strides with photovoltaic cells and renewable energy sources, for the NLV Quant. The concept car’s debut at the Geneva Salon represents initial achievements by both companies in moving from drawing board toward full scale production.

The performance numbers don’t come close to the other cars in Koenigsegg’s stable, but its stats speak of revolutionary things for hybrids to come – a 20 minute recharge time with 311 miles per charge, a maximum speed of 171 mph, for example. Koenigsegg also knows a thing or two about style, and the Quant’s gull-wing doors and lightweight carbon chassis give the car a curvaceous frame. The car will seat four adults in bucket seats, though the interior itself has yet to be designed.

Watch closely this year, as the NLV Quant sets the stage for another dramatic debut, when the car is closer to becoming a reality.