If there is one thing that we love to see in modern furniture design, we would have to say that it is seeing a piece of furniture or a design that can function in multiple ways. Furniture that does this instantly becomes much more versatile right from the get go and increases the amount of places that you can put it or ways that you can use it. Today we are going to be looking at an example of this in action, this is Kuli.

While the name might not be very descriptive, Kuli is a coffee table, stool or seat that has been designed by two young German designers by the names of Felix Haeffner and Julia Wolf. Inside its wire base it contains extra storage space. The cushions can be stored underneath or sat on when being used as a coffee table or they can be placed on top to make a very comfortable seat. Whatever you can imagine for this piece it is definitely more than possible. Now that is what we like to call versatile.