Anytime you hear the name Laguna Beach mentioned when talking about real estate or architecture you just about always know that you are in for a great surprise and something truly majestic. That is because there are so many great homes that exist in this affluent area of California. Still though even with all the great homes that are available to look at we are often surprised to see something new and interesting that really grabs our attention. Today we’re going to be looking at something new like that with the latest piece of architecture to jump out at us, this is the new Laguna Beach Cottage.

This 5000 square-foot property was built on a sloping site which was a challenge for the architects in trying to come up with modern solutions for building the additions this beautiful home that was once a 1950s California style home. There is easy access to all the different levels that ensure that both the owner and the guest have the ability to freely move around the house and enjoy all the beautiful views that surround the house at all angles.