When we think of Jaime Hayon‘s work, its difficult not to smile. His combinations of bold geometric shapes finished with beautifully rendered graphics and carefully chosen colors brighten the heart. Hayon has just finished a restaurant that embodies all this designer’s joie de vivre.

Le Sergent Recruteur is smack bang in the middle of Paris’s the Saint-Loius arrondissement. Hayon has employed his unique aesthetic in making this restaurant the perfect place to not only to relax with friends but feel like you are living life. This is not surprising considering the motto is “Live, eat, rest.” The design of the restaurant feels clean and fresh, with signature Hayon objects creating interest in just the right places. The restaurant occupies two levels, with the ground floor containing the bar and main restaurant, and the basement private dining room. The whole space feels light and airy with the walls finished in either a warm white or clad in roughly hewn light stone, and the floors in light wood or pale marble. Recessed in the walls are alcoves holding what look like abstracted Kabuki masks. These masks pick up the white used on the walls and floors and the soft gold of the bar, tables and the legs of the chairs. Rich forest green upholstery has been used for the chairs, bringing a little color into the simple space. Downstairs, Venetian mirrors deck the walls of the private dining rooms reflecting the soft light of a Hayon chandelier.

Le Sergent Recruteur is a place that you’re sure feel at ease in, whist safe in the knowledge that the food on your plate is top quality. So next time you want to get your fill of Hayon, pop over to Le Sergent Recruteur.