When it comes to designing your living room you need to make sure that you fill it with things that are going to be particularly interesting to your guests. If you cannot manage to create an interesting place for your guests to congregate that will only mean that they probably won’t end up sticking around for all that long. If you want your place to be known as the place to gather among your circle of modern and design-aware friends that you need to go all out and carefully select the pieces that you are going to place in your living room and arrange them in a way that is pleasing on the eyes. Of course there are a whole lot of options out there at your disposal when trying to find just the right pieces and we are going to look at one of your best ones today. Check out this new Living Room Collection from Ligne Roset.

If you are not familiar with the brand itself, they are a French modern furniture company that have over 200 stores and 1,000 retail distributors worldwide. Their living room collection focuses on creating pieces that are a little outside of the box, but still maintain a sense of subtle form that makes them appropriate for just about any space that you could think of putting them in. Take a look at the pictures above as well as their website to get a better idea as to what they have to offer.