Logitech G25 Racing WheelTransform your Playstation or Computer Systems into a real race car. With Logitech G25 Racing Wheel, you are in real race track chasing your excitement and feeling every motion while you are crossing the humps and bumping with other cars. This ward-winning racing wheel will turn your gaming experience into a real show. Hold the genuine leather wheel tightly and position your feet into the real brake, clutch, and gasoline pedals, and get ready to navigate.

G25 Racing Wheel is crafted well for your comfort and filled with user-friendly controls. The Dual-motor force feedback transmission makes you feel the weight of your car. The Six-speed stick shift is easy to shift for sequential shifting mode, the metal gas, brake, and clutch pedals are true-to-life pedals and not just a dummy, and the hand-stitched leather steering wheel is well-designed for holding comfort.