this as of late finished mews advancement comprises of 3 mews houses by ODOS Architects in Dublin, Ireland. The region of every house is 174sqm with 39sqm outside space in patios, porch and rooftop garden. Aggregate site range is 296sqm. The dark zinc, bended cap building with stone peaks contains three homes which have been deliberately wanted to expand light and spatial quality and advantage from a painstakingly considered palette of reciprocal hues and materials.The dark zinc rooftop could be deciphered as a kind of perspective to that of the conventional folded iron horse shelter rooftop both as far as structure and materiality. Inside the bend of the rooftop is knowledgeable about the twofold stature space which connects the kitchen and living spaces. The inner solid stairwell with a timber-finned divider acts as a physical connector as well as permits regular light, reflection and shadow to go all through the building continuous.


Corridor and stairs.


Kitchen area


living spaces


Beautiful Interior decor site


Floor plan.