If you are looking for a more convenient way to train during hockey season, practice nailing your triple axel, or just looking for something fun that the whole family can enjoy during the winter, it is time to invest in your own backyard hockey rink. Building a backyard hockey rink doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. There are backyard rink kits you can buy online that don’t require any other materials and take 2 hours at the most to assemble. By opting to go with a backyard rink kit the entire process has been simplified and is cost effective.

Rinkmaster - backyard hockey rink

A backyard rink kit makes everything much more convenient because it will come with everything that you will need to make your own backyard hockey rink. No need to grab tools or purchase additional supplies such as lumber for this project. An all-in-one kit usually requires just a couple hours of your time and an extra set of hands.  Rink Master is called Canada’s Backyard Rink Store for a reason. Rinkmaster.com’s all-in-one backyard rink kits are the best and easiest kits that you can get and you can buy them easily online and have everything you need shipped to your front door in very little time.

After building your rink you might want to give some thought to how to maintain a smooth ice surface. This is fairly easy to do and is not costly. A well-maintained rink will ensure that your investment will last for years to come. You will need a snow shovel, broom, a trowel and a hot water source for re-flooding. It is also important to resurface your ice rink because it will become chipped and grooved from the blades on the skates. In order to create a smooth groove free skating surface, you will need to re-flood your rink using hot water during the coldest time of the day, usually at night when you are finished skating for the day. An ice rink flooder can also be used instead of a hose to help make the process a little faster as well as easier. Protecting your rink’s surface from the elements when it is not being used is beneficial because it will protect the surface from debris and helps prolong wear and tear to the surface. This can be achieved by investing in a liner or a tarp that will cover the entire surface of the ice rink.

Making your own ice rink is a great way to enjoy hours of backyard fun that the whole family can enjoy. By choosing a kit for your backyard ice rink, you have everything you will need in one box. This allows you to spend significantly less time building your rink so that you and your family can spend more time having fun. So whether you are practicing, or just making great family memories you can now enjoy ice-skating conveniently located in your own backyard.