The great thing about houses is they can be adapted. You can buy a property that looks a certain way, and with a few changes transform it into something completely different. This allows you to create a home that works for you. If your family is growing and you’re finding that space is becoming an increasing issue, ask yourself if you’re making the most of what you have? Here are some ideas to consider.

Make Most of Space

Credit: Pexels

Knock Down Walls To Create Open Concept Downstairs

Open plan kitchen, living and dining rooms are the way forward. Which is great news, because not only does it make your home feel more spacious but it improves the ‘flow’ and maximizes the natural light too. No longer are small, boxy individual rooms a thing, so tearing down a couple of walls could be the answer. If you want to really make the most of your downstairs space, speak to an architect to work out what can be done.

Turn a Cupboard Into an En Suite

Do you have a built- in cupboard in your bedroom or an empty corner that’s not doing much? How about adding an en-suite bathroom? You don’t need masses of space, just enough for a shower cubicle, toilet and sink. You can even buy electric heated towel rails for your bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra to get it plumbed in. Even just adding a toilet and sink could be beneficial, especially if you currently deal with a mad rush every morning where everyone is waiting for the bathroom! Another spot you could add a bathroom to is under your stairs. If you only have one bathroom in the home, finding space like this for another could drastically improve your life, and will add value too.

Convert Your Loft

Loft spaces in home are pretty substantial, it’s such a waste to leave it unused! A loft conversion could make another bedroom, a home office, hobby room or whatever else you need. If you’re outgrowing your home, opening up another area like this means you’re able to stay in your current home rather than move.

Add a Garden Room

Is your garden large but your home too small? One great solution to this problem is installing a garden room. This is a self-contained, fully functioning room. It’s insulated so can be used in all weathers, and can even be fitted with it’s own bathroom to become a self-contained unit. Unlike extensions, garden rooms rarely need planning permission and are quicker and cheaper to put up than traditional extensions. Again these can be used for guests or as a home office. This is particularly useful, as your workspace is at home without being ‘in’ the home. Great to separate your home and work life, if you run a business or work for yourself. They could be used as another bedroom, or even as a teenage hangout area, so the main house is quieter and not packed to the rafters when your kids bring friends home!