They say that a cluttered desk makes for a cluttered mind so what does an empty desk make? While that might not be the best example to go on we still think that a clean and empty desk will free your mind of all distractions and help you get your work done little bit better. Being efficient is definitely the name of the game if you have lots of things to do on your computer so having a great desk can help you be much more productive.  Today we’re going to look at a great new desk, this is the new Mantis Desk.

This desk was designed by the London-based designer by the name of Samuel Wilkinson. The desk is made in parts so that the consumer can decide exactly which components are to be placed in which area. There will be a removable drawer for your laptop or other papers as well as a file or folder and a back panel that can act as either a note board or a privacy screen while you’re working. Is this the type of desk that you would like to be working at?