For some people there is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a hard day at work and taking a nice warm, relaxing shower. While that can definitely be relaxing, those people have obviously never slipped into a large and spacious bathtub after an equally hard day at work. Something about being completely submerged in the water, plus the fact that you can sit and relax without having to stand and support yourself makes the whole experience all that much more relaxing. There are many different options for bathtubs out there but one thing we know is that not all of them are created equally. Today we are going to be taking a look at one that will make a huge improvement over your current bathroom setup no matter how nice it is right now. This is the new Mineral Bath Tub by Treos.

This is a free standing bathtub which alone makes the whole process of installing it and choosing the right place for it infinitely easier. Just taking one look at the bath tub and you can instantly see that there is a certain natural luxury about it. The tub features a sharp look on the outside which gives it a really nice and streamlined modern look but it is curved on the inside which gives you an optimal amount of comfort while you are inside of it. This design is made possible by the mineral casting that the tub is made from, because that sort of material is very easy to mold but Is also very durable at the same time.

If the design of the tub the way it is isn’t luxurious enough for you there are a whole lot of extra options and add-ons for you to choose from that will help to add the look and feel of it all. An oak wood sliding tray, which is great for holding a cool drink or a glass of wine is a great option as is the matching oak steps which make getting in and out even easier. Prepare yourself for a relaxing night with this one.