Some people like to wear their heart on their sleeve so that everyone knows exactly what they are thinking and feeling, while others prefer to be a bit more reserved about things. The same can be said about homeowners where some would like everyone to know how nice and modern their house is on the inside by projecting a nice and modern look on the outside. Then there are the type of people who are much more introverted and the same sort of thing can be said about the way that they design their home. These type of homes can be really shocking as you step inside of them from the outside but all that does is add to the appeal of them that much more. Today we are going to be taking a look at a home that does exactly that with this Minimalistic Rustic House with a Modern Interior.

Upon first looking at this house you can tell that it was built recently although the materials and style of the design are anything but recent. The cubistic shaped house is coated with thatch that was used as a cover for the roofs and the walls have been made out of stones and a clay plaster. It is a perfect combination of both new and old that you just can’t help but appreciate.

Take a step inside the house though and everything changes instantly. You will be greeted by a completely modern and expertly designed interior that looks like it could be right out of a magazine. Each room in the house does a fantastic job at blending modern comforts along with rural landscapes which gives this house the perfect balance. It seems to be the perfect space to entertain guests in as there are multiple areas to sit all seeming to be perfectly arranged for a maximum level of comfort and positioned so communicating with other guests is easy. This is one house where the old saying of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” really holds true. You could never guess what was on the inside by seeing it from the outside.