If you’re tired of the same old sofa designs, then take a look at this sophisticated new sofa. The Windsor by Arketipo not only looks incredibly inviting, but is a well executed blend of modern design and traditional texture.

Just a glimpse at the posh sofa makes you imagine how enjoyable it would be to plop down with your favorite book and a cup of coffee and melt away the worries of the day. One might even be inclined to have a siesta on this spacious couch with its deep cushions drawing you in. The design would look great in one’s living room or  office. The high level of detail is an obvious result of hand-made construction. The color, a deep brown, is rich, earthy, yet classic. If you want to complete the set, a matching armchair is available. Envision both taking over your living room for an enchanted evening of entertaining guests. The set is easily an intriguing topic of conversation for the night. Just make sure your guests don’t get too cozy!