One of the best ways for a designer to really prove themselves is by creating a great collection of modern chairs because this seems to be the stepping stone into the design world. Today we’re going to be looking at a great new chair that will look great in your living room and be a great conversation piece. This is the new Moment Chair.

This chair was designed by Khodi Feiz and he says that his inspiration was the fact that he noticed that people rarely “just sit” while sitting in a chair and wanted to make people just sit for a while. He said that he wants to observe those moments which we engage in while seated. He believes that the multidimensionality of these various seating activities requires newer solutions that can be more reflective of what we do.

The design is based on a flowing cups shape which helps to support the body and then transforms into a small table opening up for a surface that you can use to rest your coffee or it can be closed in front of you when you want to work.