Today we want please our art deco and modern furniture lovers. Belgium-based design collaboration Muller Van Severen has launched a unique furniture collection. Members of the project team, Fien Muller (photographer) and Hannes Van Severen (artist) combined various materials as well as experimented with striking colours. Unconventional tables, clear-cut storage boxes, racks and lamps are the end results of their hard work.

According to the designers, the pieces of furniture are to be seen as a landscape and share a close connection with the work of both sculptors. “We are not looking for the next ‘big find’. The furniture exists because of a logical necessity. A table with a table-leg turning into a cantilever lamp, an open cabinet where one of the shelves becomes a table, or a series of lamps that are no more than a socket, a cover and a cord. The surprise comes from the combination of colours, materials, functions and – especially – the commonness. We boldly choose for open racks by which the daily life – by means of a personal collection of dishes – can be told. We make lamps with the cord as the centre of attention, and tables where the tabletop is a cutting board.”

By limiting the material the pieces furniture are to be seen as small islands in a bigger picture. They tell a logical story, just like the cabinet collection of Hannes Van Severen or the photographed finds of Fien Muller, as if they were connected by an invisible hand. Although both artists consider these designs not to be part of their work, there is a clear connection. Just like Ariadne’s thread the furniture ensemble does not only lead us to their individual work, but also shows the plastic symbiosis that the artists have been developing throughout their discourse by sharing table and bed in their daily life.

The simple yet interesting shapes, clean lines and striking colors blend in perfectly with any modern home. These fantastic furniture pieces are great examples to tell us that objects can carry the qualities of sophistication, elegance and playfulness at the same time. Highlighting and merging some of the main characteristics of past decades and eras can indeed result in brilliant design and art works.