There are more and more people who need to travel extensively. Plus, there are those ones who just cannot sit in one place, they need to wander around the world as modern day adventurers. If you belong to one of these groups then you also know that there are many unpleasant and less enjoyable moments during a journey. It’s enough to think about the preparations and packing. When it comes to these tasks we have to be very selective since we only have limited space and storage room in our suitcases. As great design-fans and keen followers of the hottest trends, we don’t really think about suitcases and bags as objects of inspiration for product designers.

Young and talented designer Jolien Hanemaaijer has used his creative power and shown us that a suitcase can indeed inspire and offer much more than we can imagine. He has created something really awesome by combining a transportable cabinet with a bag. This smart fusion brings about extended functionalities as well: a suitcase for carrying your favorite objects around and a display unit to show these objects to the outside world. ‘My infinite home tool’ – as the designer named it – is made of simple materials: bended beech, metal and leather. The selected objects can be kept in their places by elastic bands that are pulled through a number of holes in the wooden frame. These elastic bands are quite handy as you can easily adjust them if you want to carry more items and expand your storage capacity. Currently two types and sizes are available and one should pay the price of these designer items: the small one costs €1120 whereas the bigger one is €1749.

Jolien Hanemaaijer currently lives in the Netherlands and works for Hanemaai a design company he created himself. All in all, his idea is somewhat unusual but we just love it. Take this compact cabinet and bag with you and your home objects will become the mirror of your identity.