We often scour the globe from our computer screens to find the greatest new designs of architecture both high and low. Sometimes we have to go down under though the find something really unique like the house we are going to be looking at today that is in New South Wales, Australia, this is the new Myra Vale House.

This house was built on 5 acres and features beautiful views from every single room of the house. It was designed by Katon Redgen Mathieson and is made from glass and steel which sits on top of a raised platform that gives the occupants much better views of the green landscape that surrounds it.

Lower sections of the house feature floor-to-ceiling glass windows so that as much sunlight as possible can come in to give up a natural daylight feel inside the house. This makes it so while you are inside you still feel as though you are outside at the same time. Near the property there is a small lake as well as a 15 m lap pool around the trees.