Ornithology hasn’t gotten much press since it was mentioned in 2000 hit, “Kids” by Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams. Bird watching usually requires you standing in a swamp need deep in muck to see anything worthwhile. Japanese designers Nendo are making things a little bit easier by bringing the birds to you through smart design.

The design firm has created a mega birdhouse for the Momofuku Ando Center, in the forests of Komoro City, Japan. The center is devoted to promoting and increasing access to natural activities. And this is exactly what “bird-apartment” does. As the name suggests, it isn’t a simple suburban birdhouse for a single bird family with 2.6 chicks, but rather a high-density development. The house sits high in the trees of the forest and looks like a quaint Swiss cottage. The aerial access to bird-apartment leads to 78 snug nest for birds. Each nest is painted in one of many shades of off-white and look like extrusions that have been stacked on one another. Each nest has a little steeped awning to keep the rain out. But how does all this help humans? Well it has a secret room behind the nests that is accessible via a ladder and can hold one person. Spyholes along the dividing wall allow visitors to see what the birds inside are up to without the birds knowing they are being watched. This voyeuristic approach allows visitors to see a part of the birds’ lives that we are usually not privy to.

Bird-apartment goes a long way in helping the Monfku Ando Center in making nature more accessible. It works by not only putting birds on show, but also making a habitat that the birds themselves feel safe in.