Draftsman Chad Oppenheim has designed an oceanfront shoreline house on Harbor Island in the Bahamas. The fabulous 3,000-square-foot waterfront private living arrangement was intended to reconnect its tenants with nature, empowering a more noteworthy awareness of the components and their appearances. In a period when structural engineering has to be focused with PC produced structures and over-the-top current outline, House on a Dune is exquisite in its straightforwardness – intended to elevate ones experience of the wonderful island nature that encompasses the home and made to rouse and amplify pleasurable minutes. It epitomizes a less intrusive, primitive structural planning of oversimplified structure using biologically delicate materials and techniques inside of the general configuration. The basic and bearable structural engineering, free of mess and pointless point of interest, takes into account an all the more effective and sensational association with spot and time. Motivated by the work of reasonable craftsman James Turrell, retractable glass dividers on the East and West sides of the living territory edge perspectives of sea, wilderness and sky, while taking into account light and air to course through the home to make ideal solace. The focal space of the house is basically an open breezeway, permitting visual and person on foot integration over the site.

Inside of this structure space, there is the living and feasting zones that open onto huge verandahs all around shielded from the components by the profound shades of the gabled rooftop. A kitchen and four rooms are just masterminded around the focal space.
The materials for the house were chosen for their particular truthfulness, natural affectability, and a reverberation with the vernacular. Materials included solid pieces, reused cedar, reused ipe, and milk paint. The sliding entryways are had of effect safe glass and additionally a palm frond rooftop made of cedar shakes like the structural styles of large portions of the homes on the island throughout the last a few hundred years. The home likewise holds numerous mechanical traps that shroud any obvious light apparatuses, outlets, aeration and cooling systems or anything that is excessively current age. House on a Dune speaks to Chad Oppenheim’s signature style, which is to make socially and earth cognizant building design. Whether its a solitary family home or extensive scale urban venture, lodging or resort, Oppenheim changes the mundane into the idyllic – inspiring a site’s characteristic power through enthusiasm and affect ability towards man and nature.




The entrance of the house


there is the living and dining areas that open onto large verandahs


The materials for the house were chosen for their particular truthfulness, natural affectability, and a reverberation with the vernacular.


Dining area


Kitchen area



eliciting a site’s inherent power through passion and sensitivity towards man and nature.



Kids room