Being a gifted artists comes with lot of privileges. Some of these privileges are linked to inspiring and intimate places and locations that are open only to artists. In the Dutch city of Zundert, however, there is a new house that is open to everyone. Art-admirers and artists can be brought together in the latest conversion and extension project of Oomen Architecten. The place has a very special energy as the Vincent Van Gogh’s father worked in the neighboring church as a clergyman. The renovation and construction project was initiated by the Van Gogh Foundation Gallery & Guest Studio and the architectural office has done a superb job. They converted a house into an art gallery on the ground floor and with guest lodgings on the top floor. Another part of the project involved a brand-build pavilion that was uniquely designed for an artist in residence. The idea is simple yet brilliant: artists who come here can live, work and exhibit in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh.

The conversion of the existing house is well-balanced with the design of a new 60 square meter workshop. Oomen Architecten wanted to create a space with lightness, purity, clean lines and glass. To reach these goals they picked two basic materials: white larch and copper. These materials become more beautiful over time despite normal wear and tear. One cannot forget that an atelier requires adjustable daylight and reasonably high ceilings. These requirements have been intelligently incorporated into the design, as well. By turning a copper crank above the workbench, artists can regulate the amount of natural light that enters the space. The new pavilion is partly below ground level and functions as an exhibition space as well. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass facades visitors can see what’s going on inside. If needed, larger objects can be easily moved in and out, as well.

We’re convinced that artists of the Vincent Van Gogh Huis will get everything what they need: an intimate and cozy atmosphere for working and living. And above all an inspiring location that is full of history. The lucky ones can tap into the creative energy of Vincent Van Gogh.