Architects and designers are constantly seeking for new solutions to keep home owners happy and blur the border between inside and outside. There are many ways to invite nature or pulsing urban energies inside while enjoying the comfort of our home. Using flexible and well-insulated sliding doors and windows are great ways to achieve these goals. Then there are a number of other creative ideas also for creating that smooth transition between indoors and outdoors. Replacing traditional windows and doors with garage door walls is a rather unusual and bold home design alternative. The overall results can be so amazing that we ask ourselves the question: why don’t we put more garage-door like walls in our residential buildings?

Today, we take a look at a few gorgeous apartments and lofts which all have something in common: they feature garage door mechanisms in their main living areas. If you like lofts and industrial design then you’ll definitely be amazed by our great selection. We also look at a few challenges and possibilities for using garage doors in home design.

Double-height rooms can tremendously benefit from this design solution as traditional windows tend to be too low to help with proper air circulation in high ceiling spaces. Glass garage doors also let in lots of lights and sunshine so you can forget about dark and cold rooms. It’s important, however, to carry out a thorough research on the available brands and companies that offer these products. For example, you could consider the garage doors by Garaga. Our advise is to pick those glass doors which come with grid patterns and various panes of glasses. Moreover, selecting an Energy Star certified model is always a smart decision in order to avoid any future issues with sealing or heating. Having a proper door that comes with insulated glass as well as frame is essential for reducing the energy bill. Additional important factors to consider are the ceiling height and wall sizes. These elements will greatly influence the mechanics, opening and closing possibilities of the garage door. If you want to save some space think about the overhead glass door option: this mechanism can open up your living space easily and beautifully without taking up any floor area.

Using garage door in apartment and home design is definitely a challenging but rewarding feature to open up and expand the space. Installing either a frame that follows the ceiling line or having garage doors that open upward are both guarantees for a “WOW” effect…