While there is the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Élysées, the most romantic Parisian landmark is undoubtedly the Seine. The river gives life to the City of Lights just as Central Park does to New York. As such, it is only natural that people would turn to it for improving their lives.

Encore Heureux, the architects who brought us DomoLab, teamed up with La Guinguette Pirate to create an alternate music center on a barge permanently moored at la port de la Gare. Petit Bain is more than just a floating nightclub. This space grew from a desire to bring together music, dance, graphic design, illustration, and food.

The venue consists of a public deck on the roof that can hold 100 people and is also the site of the aquatic garden contained in tubs recovered from a demolished social housing complex. There is also a multimedia studio, restaurant seating 70 and a concert room for 450 people. Petit Bain serves the community it is in by providing work, food, entertainment, and public spaces. The barge’s design echoes the positive sentiments of its inspiration. From the banks of the river, one is greeted by elegantly simple deck clad in warm wood. Yellow accents pop up through windows and on the hull of the barge, livening up the dock. Jolly stringed lights cinch the festive atmosphere on board. Below deck the warm wood themes and honest finishes continue.

Petit Bain not only brightens up this part of the Seine, but also makes the world a slightly better place with by addressing various problems holistically. And if nothing else, is this not what design and music aspire to do?