Usually when someone say the words “picnic table” it usually brings up good thoughts for most people although the design of a picnic table itself is not generally considered to be very modern. Still a picnic is a nice way to spend an afternoon outside and there should be some better ways to do so if you are planning on doing it in your home. Today we are going to be looking at a great way, this is the new Picnic Table and Bench Combo by Extremis.

We imagine this could be what the rich and famous eat their picnics on as the design itself is definitely luxurious and modern enough for sure. It will look great in your backyard and while it may not be quite as large or able to accommodate as many people as a traditional picnic table, this helps it to get you in a more personal space with whoever you are sharing your picnic with.

It comes in many different colors, materials and options. For those that are into it, the table even comes with a couple of furry options as well, which could work for some people depending on their other surroundings. Place it by the pool or just on your patio, but wherever you place it we can bet you are going to be eating a whole lot more of your meals outside. We really have to applaud this design, we are definitely big fans of this modern take on the picnic table.