One of our absolute favorite things to see in the design world is all the different chairs and places to sit that release all the time. Lucky for us it is also the most common thing to be released so we are never without a new one to look at and drop our jaws at as well. This line is also one of the easiest to create for as it allows the designer to be very creative with their designs and really please the fans. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the latest version, this is the new Pinch.

This is a bent wood chair that is meant to seat one person on each side. The chair is made out of steam been white oak strips of wood which works well to give it a very natural feeling despite the fact it has very unnatural shapes to it. While it definitely looks luxurious the price matches because if you want to order one of these amazing chairs and will set you back a pretty penny, $16,000 to be exact.