The world of photography is one that rapidly developing. It seems like if you are to take even a short break from the updates that are coming out in the world of photography that there is a whole lot that you will be missing out on and will have a ton of research to do before you are up to speed again. These days spending a few thousand dollars on a quality camera is something that is not at all unheard of which can make some of the more casual photographers wish that they were back in the good old days of photography. Many of our older readers will remember back to the cameras that gave you your picture instantly (although you would have to wait a couple minutes and give it a few shakes before you could see it) as soon as you took it. It looks like those days are coming back but now in a brand new, shiny looking package. This is the new Polaroid 300 Instant Camera.

This camera is capable of taking business card size instant color photos and features four scene settings which will help you get a perfect shot no matter what the current lighting situation is like. The camera works with special Polaroid 300 Instant Film and runs off of 4 AA batteries which come included with the camera. This should provide some of you with a blast from the past and those young enough to have never used an instant camera will be having fun with the new experience.