Out of all of the things that we see on a regular basis here at Tevami, probably the most common thing would have to be some sort of chair or other seating option. Despite the fact that we see so many of them, they still remain completely interesting to us as designers are full of great ideas in this field. Today we are going to be taking a look at the latest version, this is the new Polymorphic Kinetic Bench.

This bench will make use of an innovative design and engineering solution that has been inspired by the kinetic action of a see-saw as well as the reverberating motion of a slinky. This double sided bench is made out of a series of 119 interconnected sections as well as an interactive balance board. The different sections have been connected via an inventive pilot and bolt system that makes vertical movement possible with one section able to be picked up by others down the line. This allows this whole structure to appear in react in a variety of different ways.