Like mushrooms after rain, more and more trendy places, including boutique hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants are springing up around the globe. Hungary is no exception in this trend. Budapest is rapidly regaining its old magic: contemporary architecture and unusual design projects can be spotted almost on each corner of the city center that can surprise even the most experienced travelers and cool-hunters as well. Thanks to the unique mixture of rich past and colorful present, the city has an unparalleled atmosphere. Many things are possible here which are maybe not allowed or accepted in other big capitals due to strict regulations. It’s enough to think of those cool ruin pubs nestled among charmingly old buildings, featuring retro-nostalgic design elements and offering instant time travels.

This time, however, we wanted to drop by – let’s just say – a more sophisticated place for chilling out and socializing. On this particular design tour we take you to a late night drink to DiVino Winebar in the Hungarian capital. This chic bar opened last year and is located in the heart of the city, next to the imposing St. Stephen’s Basilica. It’s one of the trendiest places in Budapest to show up now: while grabbing a good Hungarian wine locals can mingle with foreigners and get inspired by the stunning interior design features. As one can expect from such place all deco elements and furniture pieces are custom-made. The credit goes to Hungarian design studio Suto Interior Architects. The company worked together Ivanka that is famous for its surprising concrete solutions and unusual approach to material selection.

The design studio lead by Kata and László Suto embarked on a rather challenging adventure when they accepted the project of DiVino. The end results are most likely far better what the client and owners probably had expected in the beginning. By combining pinewood with concrete and spicing up the ambiance with the touch of black, Kata Suto created something extraordinary. The low tables are a great match with the wooden chairs and benches. Our favorite piece is the amazing lighting system that runs above the bar. There’s not much else to say here, a picture worth more than thousand words: all the below images speak for themselves.

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