Getting your recommended 8 glasses of water in can be a bit of struggle. Sometimes it’s the attention grabbing packaging of soft drinks; sometimes it’s the environmental concerns of plastic bottles piling up; and sometimes it just slips our minds. The most environmentally sensitive way to get your daily dose of aqua is tap water, but with all the chemicals that go into making municipal water clean, it can be a concern for those of us who want to live a little longer.

Dutch Lukas Jager has designed a natural water filtration system that we can’t wait to use. His system is called Puur Zuiveren, which translates as “Pure Purifying” for its double dose of purity. The system consists of a ceramic bowl sitting on a plywood stand. The bowl is made of a clay and sawdust mix that is fired at 850 degrees Celsius. After firing, the clay keeps its porosity allowing liquids to pass through, while keeping toxins out. Colloidal silver has been added to kill any other bacteria and increase the shelf life of the water it filters. The ratio of sawdust has been varied for five of the systems, resulting of different speeds of filtration according to different needs.

Puur Zuiveren is the name of the game when it comes to the design of these beautiful objects. The texture rich clay sits easily with the simplicity of the plywood stand. Puur Zuiveren is so inviting that its difficult to think of drinking anything else with it standing in the kitchen.