We all know that there is a huge variety of exquisite watch and clock designs on the market. Some of these designs are following centuries-old traditions, while others are trying to be bold and break with the conventions. If you are fascinated by time, then we have something truly special to present you from German design agency Biegert & Funk.

Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk – founders and creative catalysts behind the firm – developed a brand-new concept and idea for displaying time. The designer duo popped a question: is it possible to create a clock that takes the idea of reading the time literally? After quite some research and serious product development, the QLOCKTWO® brand has been born. This brand and product line features QLOCKTWO®, a wall or standing clock; QLOCKTWO® TOUCH, a table alarm clock and QLOCKTWO® C that is a special wristwatch. All these unique design pieces have one main thing in common: they don’t show the time in the traditional manner with hands or digits. Instead, time is indicated as readable text on the nicely designed square grid of 110 letters. Characters light up in pure white to form various statements and describe time such as: “It is half past eight”. QLOCKTWO® is our favorite model from the series that is a wall and standing clock. This intelligent piece is radio-controlled and automatically sets itself precisely to the second on receiving the signal after being switched on. Brightness can be manually adjusted and seconds can also be displayed by the touch of a button. The clock is highly customizable: seven colours and twelve languages are available as swappable front panels.

Biegert & Fun’s creations are all handmade in Germany and have won a number of international prizes already, including the Red Dot Design Award. We are sure that QLOCKTWO® watch and clock owners will stop and slow down more often to be more aware of the present moment…