Rattan garden furniture is easily one of the most lavish and attractive options available for homeowner’s today.  However while this material is easy to fall in love with you will want to ask yourself a few questions first before shopping.  Here are the top five things you’ll want to ask yourself which will guide you to a fabulous looking outdoor space when using it.

What Will You Use It For?

This is easily the most important decision you’ll need to make when picking your furnishings.  That’s because the function you demand them to perform will determine what type you ultimately need.  Luckily rattan is an extremely flexible material which allows furniture makers to use it to create just about all shapes and types for outdoor seating and dining.

Even very large and round pieces are an option such as day beds. Just about all manufacturers also offer rattan garden furniture sets which include pieces of varying types.  These can be very useful since they often allow you to get all of the furnishings you need for your entire outdoor space in one set.  But of course there are smaller sets for those looking only for something that is a few pieces as well.  Simply decide on what you’ll need your furniture for and search for a set which provides it for the best deals.

What Color Works Best?

Rattan Sofa in Tropical Garden

Of course you will also want to think about the color of your furniture.  The color you pick can have a huge effect on how your outdoor area is perceived.  You can use it to match or even contrast depending on what you’re looking to achieve.  Black rattan garden furniture is most often used by those who are trying to create a modern feel.  White on the other hand is a great choice for something antique.  And brown is a useful all around color for matching natural features but that is also neutral so it can be used with just about any color scheme.

Would You Like Storage?

While storage space is not an option with most other types of furniture with rattan it is. That’s because some pieces are designed to give you a place to keep extra things.  This can be a huge advantage especially if you have limited storage space or are prone to creating clutter.  With a hollow space in tables, chairs, and couches you can store all types of items from landscaping supplies to your favorite books.  This kind of rattan furniture actually is indistinguishable from the others so no one has to know but you that it is hiding your accessories.

Do You Have Limited Space?

When space is not plentiful it can be a major problem for homeowners looking to find a way to enjoy it.  And often this may mean that they don’t purchase any furniture at all.  Rattan cube garden furniture is one choice that can really allow just about anyone to get their rattan fix even when the area they have to work with is very limited. With pieces that are made so that they can fit together to form a cube when they aren’t being used, it is a modern and intelligent way to make use of even the smallest areas when relaxation and enjoyment are a priority.

Where Will You Place It?

Rattan Set with Bright Cushions

You should definitely take some time before you purchase anything to also pick a spot for your furniture.  An area that is in the shade is of course ideal since it will allow you to relax without having to deal with the sun’s dangerous UV rays. For outdoor structures like gazebos they also make an excellent option.  But of course patios, porches, and next to the pool make for smart spots too. If you will be leaving your furnishings outside in area which is not protected by a roof however you’ll want to consider covers for rattan garden furniture especially in places which get snow in the winter months.

By asking yourself these five questions before you purchase you will be hedging your bets for serious success in what you can expect from this material. Rattan garden furniture can transform your level of comfort along with the look and feel of your space so be sure to keep these questions in mind when getting started with this long time favorite.

Author Bio: Mike H. is a professional home improvement and design writer who loves to write helpful articles and tips for anyone interested in improving the look and function of their garden and patio space. To check out his complete guide to rattan be sure to read more here!