Luxury brands are under a constant pressure from other more non-luxury and mainstream brands that are trying to offer similar product benefits and values for less, thus eliminating the status of luxury. Top watchmakers have to face this challenge, as well, and they need to remain pretty much open to the latest market trends and opportunities. While these companies are trying to keep up with the unstoppable technological developments, sometimes they go beyond the traditional watch-making business.

150-years old Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is known for its rebellious nature in the luxury niche. In 2008 the firm made a bold step and joined the fierce battle of luxury mobile phones. Meridiist and Link are probably their most popular series. The luxury phone market is a very interesting one with a number of key players such as Vertu, Mobiado, Gresso, Goldvish and other famous fashion labels. Most of the time these extravagant brands don’t have their own phone models they just label the machines with their reputable names, while relying on the technological expertise of other companies. In the early days, luxury phones only focused on quality materials, precious metal contents and looks, whereas phone capabilities and technical features played less important roles. Apparently, this trend is about to change, as luxury phones are becoming smarter and smarter.

TAG Heuer has put a large emphasis on technical engineering also and become a trendsetter in the luxury smart phone arena. The company’s latest smartphone, named Racer combines prestigious design, performance with amazing technical functionalities and features. As the name suggests, the main target group is the über-rich Formula 1 fans and speed fanatics. Strength, durability and lightness are based on high-tech materials such as titanium and carbon fiber. There are a number of unique designs to choose from. One doesn’t need to worry about dropping this gadget, as the shockproof rubber chassis will do its job.

All the sleek Racer models come with a decent 3.5-inch 16-million colors touchscreen, a 1.0 GHz processor and a 5.0-megapixels auto-focus front- and rear-facing camera. They also offer a 256MB of internal storage as well as an SD card slot that is expandable up to 16GB.

More importantly, TAG Heuer’s Racers are powered by Android. As you expect from such devices, there is access to more than 200,000 apps so you can easily download the latest popular android apps. No wonder that it’s very difficult to put such a phone aside as you always want to show off in a classy manner. Want to exercise your brain on a boring corporate dinner? Then just get some puzzle apps to your Racer and show your colleagues how intelligent and sophisticated you are.

These luxury toys are only available in high-end boutiques and a few watch and jewelry retailers. Probably you won’t be surprised about the price either: the Racer models start at 2800€. Is this really worth it – you may ask? You should decide it for yourself. There is one thing you can be sure about, however: once you hold this gadget in your hands, you will see, smell and feel the breathtaking fusion of TAG Heuer’s traditions with Android’s super powers…