Around two weeks after development was finished on the Rakafot School, for which we were the scene draftsmen, and the opening of the school year, we got an amazing telephone call: “I needed your supposition on adding frogs to the school’s ‘Winter Pond.’ It was the farming educator “We got protestations about mosquitos, and it is by all accounts the right approach to stop them is by utilizing frogs. Furthermore, it will be glorious to hear their croaks alongside the youngsters’ uproarious and glad voices.” “It’s an extraordinary thought,” we hurried to guarantee her, with an awesome internal feeling, “yes, that works.” The stage we intended for the school’s workforce and understudy body to sense, watch, find and find out about nature encourages the production of a rich and evolving environment.

The “lake” is a misery which accumulates the overflow from its prompt environs after the abundant first rains about the season of the start of the school year. The pool topped off with water and a mixture of widely varied vegetation. Other than the water going about as an enriching component in the scene, the store displays a functional lesson in gathering spillover water for watering system and planting and also a chance to watch the wide mixture of life structures which appreciate the rich territory.


visually-interesting learning space.


pond area


Amazing landscape look from outside


green construction were assimilated into the planning of the ground


parking area were paved with recycled stone


Design plan