Technology marches on, and with this inescapable forward movement comes new design sensibilities that are implemented throughout the home; even the private nature of the bathroom is not enough to shield it from the necessity of reflecting contemporary tastes. Here we examine some of the more innovative ideas on offer to those wishing for their bathroom to make a creative statement.

The Barrels

Barrel Basin

One immediately-noticeable design trend from recent years is that of the re-purposed item. Nothing screams ‘discerning and creative mind’ quite like transplanting an item into a setting where nobody would expect to find it, and these recycled barrels are no exception. Once the initial surprise at finding one of these in the washroom has subsided, one finds that their dual-purpose functionality – acting as both a basin and a storage unit – is an ideal solution for those for whom space is an issue.

The Recycled Tyre Basin

tyre_console04  tyre_console03
In keeping with the theme of seemingly useless items finding new life in unexpected contexts, we have this shining example of how to create an effective focal point within your bathroom. The true beauty of this fixture lies in the simplicity of its execution; its marked contrast to what one typically expects from a washbasin creating an elegant conversation piece.

The Chandelier Shower

Chandelier Shower Studio_chandelier shower

Here we shift from the conceptual elegance of the two items above to something that – at least aesthetically – evokes a more traditional interpretation of the word. As a lighting fixture, chandeliers are utilised to create a soothing ambience and the effect is not lost in the transfer to a shower head; a gentle drizzle cements the shower’s status as a place for quiet contemplation.

The Towel Rail with iPad Holder

iPad  iPad stand
It’s a long-held belief that the bathroom is the place where, free from the near-constant barrage of distractions of everyday life, we do our best thinking. The advent of handheld technology has led to many opting to continue their work whilst taking their toilet breaks, and this brings with it an increased risk of loss through dropping the device in an undesirable place, but no longer. A true example of quality in functionality.

The Smartphone Tap

Waterfall Tap with Iphone & Remote  Watefall Tap

In a similar vein we have this solution for those who enjoy a musical accompaniment whilst bathing and wish to avoid the risk of their expensive device joining them in the tub. Integrated speakers improve sound quality in line with bathroom acoustics to maximise the sense of relaxation through aural channels.