Roomba 500 iRobotIf you haven’t already ditched your conventional vacuum cleaner for a Roomba by iRobot, you have no idea what you’re missing. These wonderful little devices are essentially self sufficient and keep your house nice and clean with little to no maintenance outside of emptying the Roomba’s bin. While any version of the Roomba will provide you with a brand new cleaning experience, the new Roomba 500 adds quite a bit to this highly impressive product.iRobot has outdone themselves with the increased quality this model has to offer. The brush system has been re-hauled as new brushes, filtration, and bin size have been added to provide a better clean. The navigation system has received some improvements as well with the Virtual Wall Lighthouses which allows you to set which room to completely clean before moving on.

No matter how dedicated you are to cleaning, the Roomba will make cleaning your home an easy and relaxing process.