Out of all of the different types of pieces of furniture that we see in the modern design world, the one that we tend to come across the most frequently would have to be chairs. More so than just about any other type of products, chairs really dominate the market and there are so many of them that are great looking that we never feel like it is oversaturated. Today we are going to be looking at the latest chair to catch our interest, this is the new Rumi Armchair.

This armchair that was made by Karre Design was designed by a Turkish sculptor and designer that goes by the name Sadi Ozis all the way back in 1964. After being forgotten about for almost 50 years, the chair is now getting a second chance to come back and show off its stuff. The unique shape of the chair as well as the bright red color, both do a lot to help the chair to really stand out quite a lot, making this one a chair that is hard to ignore.